SJP made the New York premiere of And Just Like That… a family affair with son James Wilkie Broderick and husband Matthew by her side.
The then 14-year-old's AGT audition went viral back in 2013.
The reality star shared a series of photos, including one of the lump itself after it had been operated on.
The Good Morning Britain presenter's husband Derek Draper spent a year gravely ill in hospital after contracting Covid.
“I have learned that when you are in a situation like the castle, you can’t take anything personally.”
Featuring new music from ABBA, Ed Sheeran and RuPaul – plus a festive comeback from the Queen of Christmas herself.
"I had to walk out at certain points. I don’t know how they cut around it."
“We are much more conscious today than we were when that show was first aired.”
AJ has been a frontrunner throughout the competition, but landed in the bottom two after a Salsa move went awry.
“I can’t wait to take my family to watch the Strictly tour this year but I sadly won’t be part of it.”
"Have you not messaged anybody at Downing Street? Do you not have any old friends left at Downing Street that you could text?”
"He was always smiling. He had the most beautiful spirit.”
The star described her time on the show as a "personal journey".
Meryl apparently thought a sweet nickname from her Don't Look Up co-stars meant something else entirely.
Some viewers applauded Phil for putting the former health secretary on the spot, while others accused him of "ableism".