Agriculture has been engulfed by a labour shortage blamed on Brexit and Covid-19. Will 800 visas be enough to help?
EU offers concessions after Tory minister David Frost proposes plans for an entirely new Northern Ireland Protocol – "trashing" a deal he once triumphed.
Comparing the stories encouraging people to vote to leave the EU to those we've seen in recent weeks paints rather a bleak picture.
Kate Morgan said "we are in the worst position that UK agriculture has ever found itself".
The audience member said it was "ironic" that the current crises were due to Brexit.
The PM alleged 127 drivers want to come to the UK – which is still a long way off the 300 Downing Street requested.
“We tried to talk you out of it, but you decided otherwise. Now you have to face the consequences.”
The Good Morning Britain host pointed out how accurate Operation Yellowhammer's post-Brexit predictions were.
“It’s a total disgrace and George you really should apologise, not just to the audience, but to the public at large."