Commons People

Covid guidance for schools could be cleared up to ensure fewer pupils are sent home, top Tory Rob Halfon suggests to HuffPost UK.
But Lib Dem Munira Wilson tells HuffPost UK the parties could agree to some “campaigning cooperation”.
Kevin Hollinrake, an aide to Michael Gove, tells HuffPost UK it will take 30 years to resolve the north-south divide.
But Conservative elections guru Lord Hayward tells HuffPost UK Boris Johnson should not try to exploit the issue.
“I used to work in bars and there was an attitude that was – ‘he’s a regular, it doesn’t matter that he feels your arse when you’re walking past,” the MP tells HuffPost UK.
How Britain seen in US "really important" as UK tourism recovers from Covid pandemic, Caroline Nokes tells HuffPost UK.
Pat McFadden tells HuffPost UK that “perpetual” bad feeling with the EU might be a “perfect outcome” for hard Brexiteers.
Ex-Treasury special adviser Sonia Khan tells HuffPost UK that delaying tax rises to the autumn risks “galvanising” low tax Tories.
Exclusive: Labour MP Carolyn Harris tells the leader’s detractors: "Come into the real world my loves".
Favourite to lead Labour north of border calls backing the principle of a second referendum a "wheeze of a position".
Robert Halfon tells HuffPost UK: “I don’t want us just to do things because we are forced into it by Marcus Rashford."
Ex-cabinet minister and rebel ringleader Andrew Mitchell tells HuffPost UK MPs should vote against "nasty" cuts.
Ian Lavery tells HuffPost UK that Starmer appears to have a "personal and political vendetta" after refusing to let Corbyn sit as a Labour MP.
Corbyn-backing Labour MP Ian Lavery joins Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to give his opinion on the week in Westminster as both Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson try for a restart.
Lockdown life returns to the UK but for the moment the country is gripped with the fiercely contested US presidential election. Joe Biden looks on course for victory and if he wins, will Donald Trump go quietly? And which outcome works in Britain’s favour?
Ex-cabinet minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan tells HuffPost UK press conferences should be reinstated to give the public "a sense of the continuity of the problem".
Exclusive: Ex-shadow chancellor says there should be a free vote on laws that will allow undercover MI5 and police informants to commit crimes.
Labour veteran tells HuffPost UK national measures would provide “clarity” as leaked data reveals official fears about transmission in pubs.
Boris Johnson can’t remember his own coronavirus rules, Priti Patel considered deterring asylum seekers with a wave machine, and the EU is taking the UK to court - it’s been another one of those weeks. Joining Arj Singh and Rachel Wearmouth, Tory former special adviser Salma Shah and Labour ex-adviser Matthew McGregor try to pick their way through the headlines and consider why the PM is faring so badly, and whether government asylum plans could pose a threat to Labour.
Steve Reed tells HuffPost UK: “The more we move towards a politicised model... the more will go wrong, and I think that’s what we’re seeing."