downing street

Despite a plethora of reports about the event, a resignation and multiple apologies, ministers still insist they do not know if a party happened.
The Good Morning Britain presenter's husband Derek Draper spent a year gravely ill in hospital after contracting Covid.
Leaked video to ITV News raises questions over repeated denials about last year's alleged event.
“That claim is untrue. Neither the prime minister nor Mrs Johnson were involved,” the spokesman insisted.
Downing Street has announced a crackdown on casual drug use this week.
"I'm not an investigator, my job to seek reassurance...I have to take that at face value."
The government is facing significant backlash after allegedly hosting a party last December.
A Government adviser admitted that a third Covid response has been proposed behind closed doors.
"The government clearly don't have any meaningful plan, other than 'let's see how bad things get before we do anything'."
"They don't believe the law really applies to people like them."
A treasury source accused business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng of “making things up” following his comments over the weekend.
The PM only covered the cost following media reports on “wallpapergate”, but he was cleared of breaking the ministerial code.
The prime minister will apply to “strike out the claim”, amid suspicion it is not genuine.
PM says "what role there could be – if any – for certification and social distancing” will be decided later this month.
PM "withholding information" over lavish Downing Street revamp and his "arrogance" at heart of issue, says shadow foreign secretary.
Douglas Ross intervened as Boris Johnson embroiled in 'cash for curtains' scandal over funding of Downing Street revamp.
A formal investigation has been launched into how the refurbishment of the PM's home was paid for.
Triggered PM became an incredible hulk of fury as Starmer smiled on.
Health secretary suggests he will only respond to issues the government decides “really matter”.