There have been steep rises in people living in temporary accommodation since Covid hit.
This is Britain’s housing system in 2020: four homeless people wedged into a room too small for their baby to crawl.
Firms with no history of supplying the products they were paid for, a business linked to Brexit lobbyists, and a dormant company were among the beneficiaries.
The internal investigation follows accusations of a toxic work environment that included racism and intimidation.
The government has refused to reveal the multi-million pound price tags for the Nightingales, leading to accusations of a worrying lack of transparency.
The government's "perverse" decision to set up new laboratories is contributing to testing problems, it is claimed.
A Cumbrian firm says it has been forced to put staff on government-paid leave as its offers to supply Covid-19 test kits were ignored.
Private companies are under fire for continuing to sell tests as government struggles to support frontline medics.
53 people died in Dundee from drug-related deaths in 2018. Meet the families trying to cope with the complex issue of addiction. Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland is a four-part documentary series. It investigates the urgent issues facing vulnerable people in Scotland in the aftermath of austerity.
The latest allegations about SPAC Nation come a day after HuffPost UK revealed the controversial church has created the conditions for fraudsters to flourish.
Every week 5,500 families approach English councils for help with homelessness, but vulnerable people are being left in limbo.
A new investigation reveals some UK cities have no affordable homes. See how many are available in your area.
Part one: A new investigation shows 94% of rented homes are too expensive for families on housing benefit, leaving people spiralling into crisis.
Arrest rates at Glastonbury are almost identical to the carnival – so why does the narrative persist?
Dying people are forced to use foodbanks and miss vital hospital appointments due to "failing system".
Our investigation reveals vast property reserves could have been used to avoid cuts that saw unsafe cladding being added to the tower block.
Mass job cuts at councils have gone largely unnoticed by the public over the last decade.
The government is now investigating, amid concerns £23million may have been used unlawfully.