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"Rules are rules". A medical exemption from Covid vaccination rules to play in the Open was not good enough for border guards.
Didion will long be remembered for her award-winning novels, memoirs and essays.
"We have seen reports of cases that go from mild disease all the way to severe disease."
Richard Ratcliffe, husband of the detained British-Iranian, says he was left with “no hope” after the 19th day of his hunger strike.
Duke of Sussex told a misinformation panel he was emailing CEO Jack Dorsey about how the social media platform was being used.
Jenna Ryan, a Texas real estate agent who flew to DC on a private plane and livestreamed in the Capitol, got 60 days in prison.
CNN's Christiane Amanpour asks prime minister about the pictures with 95-year-old "national treasure".
A man has been apprehended after incident in Kongsberg.
The disease is far more deadly than Covid-19 in Africa.
Rival platform Twitter did not hesitate to mock the outage on Monday night.
Sites appear to be working again several hours after outage.
Teenage environmentalist takes aim at "so-called" world leaders.
North Korea says it successfully test fired newly developed long-range cruise missiles.
Following celebratory gunfire, the new regime declares victory.
All day on Monday, US military cargo jets came and went despite the rocket attack, which did not hurt anyone.
The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office updates travel advice as the evacuation deadline from Afghanistan looms.
President says "the sooner we can finish the better” amid calls for deadline to be extended.
The devastating explosion in Lebanon's capital left 300,000 people homeless.
Belarus is likely to face serious international consequences for its recent actions – but, it's unclear if they'll have any effect.