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The European Union is to extend sanctions on the Syrian government over a brutal crackdown on protesters in which upwards
I first visited Vietnam around 20 years ago - at a time when almost everyone travelled by bicycle, and the whole country operated in a somewhat austere style. Having been back regularly since then, I've seen the bicycles transforming into motorbikes, and more recently the motorbikes into cars.
A plane carrying 230 people from New Jersey has been forced to make an emergency landing in Warsaw airport, Poland, due to
Australian airline Qantas has resumed flights, with the first London departure cleared for take-off from Heathrow. As many
Flooding has caused thousands of residents to flee Bangkok but many tourists remain, according to reports. Updating its travel
It's surprising to see how the social unrest born in Spain has spread throughout the world. Hundreds of thousands of people
Panicked residents of Bangkok are scrambling to leave Thailand's capital city after flood warnings predict the situation
French police have arrested five men in connection with an ingenious casino scam in the Mediterranean town of Cannes. Wearing
The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to three female campaigners – the first time a woman has won for seven years. Yemeni
Last Friday the Canadian Supreme Court issued a ruling ordering the Government to permit 'Insite', Canada's only safe injection