Climate Change

Nearly 60% of young people are “very” or “extremely” worried about the climate crisis, and 45% say this negatively affects their daily life and functioning.
Can you tell your NFTs apart from your cheugy or regencycore?
It comes amid accusations that the agreement did not go far enough and the issue of climate change has been kicked down the road.
COP26 was hailed as a last-gasp chance to halt the climate crisis before it destroys our way of life for good. Did it work?
Despite the PM's "coal, cars, cash and trees" Cop26 slogan, the government only planted 4.2 million trees this year.
Eco buzzwords are everywhere – how do you spot the fake from the genuine?
"#Cop26 decided to write the words 'GO AWAY' over our projections, and more specifically, over their own venue!"
Gender Day at COP26 is a reminder the impact of a changing environment is not gender-neutral.
Did you post a picture? You're among millions of people who were also caught out.
It all depends on where your items are coming from.
Experts warn things will get worse before they get better. But there's still enough time to make a difference.
Climate justice activist Alexandria Villasenor tore into the UN summit for details most people have probably missed.
The chancellor was asked: "Why are you giving tax breaks to fossil fuel companies?"
As LBC's Nick Ferrari pointed out: “This is rather hypocritical isn’t it?"
The prime minister received some scathing criticism for not wearing a mask next to the 95-year-old national treasure on Monday.
The 95-year-old monarch was originally due to make the speech in person, but the engagement was cancelled after her hospitalisation.
We're feeling all the feels during COP26, here's how to channel your emotions positively.
Futuristic creations which could have come from Black Mirror just might be the answer to the climate crisis.