Labour Party

Senior MP says party is "working our way back step by step" but has "a long way to go".
Through the summer to Brighton's party conference and beyond, Labour's leader has a crucial three months to reset his leadership.
But Lib Dem Munira Wilson tells HuffPost UK the parties could agree to some ‚Äúcampaigning cooperation‚ÄĚ.
Office for Students review "falls woefully short" of measures needed to protect women, says shadow minister.
Parliament's youngest MP, 24, hopes revealing condition will help break ‚Äúshame and stigma‚ÄĚ surrounding mental ill-health.
Labour has published its own strategy to end violence against women and girls.
The interview will be the first filmed by Piers since his Good Morning Britain exit.
HuffPost UK understands Labour has suspended Unite leadership contender Howard Beckett.
More spinned against than spinning? Leader and deputy patch up differences after 48 hours of bitter briefing and counter-briefing.