Labour Party

"Stop selling,” the ex-Commons speaker implores, before bellowing “Order!”
Any further defections are likely heap more pressure on Boris Johnson.
Families and councils across London are begging for help as the number of children in makeshift homes soars by 65 per cent in a decade.
“He’s said people around him and in his inner circle who broke the rules must go  – and yet he seems to believe those rules don’t apply to himself."
The father-of-three, who had represented Birmingham Erdington since 2010, is understood to have died from natural causes.
“I don’t apologise for mentioning Attlee, Wilson and Blair. The thing that unites those three very different prime ministers is that they all won."
The Labour leader said he was "not in favour" of any changes to drugs laws.
Labour's Steve Reed claimed the government was “wheeling out” the proposals to divert attention away from allegations of sleaze and corruption.
Boris Johnson's fate rests on whether the Tories can cling on in Owen Paterson's former seat.
The longest continuously serving female MP said she would leave the Commons “confident that Labour is gaining strength under the leadership of Keir Starmer".
"It affected me hugely. There’s one call that I’ll never ever forget as long as I live," an emotional Rosena Allin-Khan said.
He was met with shouts of “disgrace” from Tory MPs and the PM hit back, saying his comment was “shameful”.
Keir Starmer made a surprise move to shake up his top team following a botched attempt in May.
Parliament's standards committee also suggests there should be an outright ban on MPs providing paid parliamentary advice, consultancy or strategy services.
Reports of a reshuffle were sprung on the deputy leader while she was giving a key speech on Tory sleaze.
The controversial Canadian psychologist even put air quotes around the word "racism".
The prime minister has been forced to clean up rules around MPs' outside interests following a hellish fortnight he'd rather forget.
The party has received legal advice suggesting it may not be correct to use AWS now that the majority of Labour MPs are female.
One MP hit back saying it was a “bizarre Tory smear campaign” while another said it was an attempt to divert attention from the “Tory corruption scandal".