The stress of buying or selling a house can cause premature ageing, a study has revealed. According to the research by In
From financial fears to the pressure of balancing a stressful job and domestic responsibilities, modern life is fraught with
Those who meditate regularly have lower stress levels and blood pressure and stronger immune function and brainpower than
Commuter rage could be damaging your health, according to new research. Swedish scientists have discovered that those who
PA -- Stress has become the main cause of long-term sickness absence for the first time across British industry, a new study
There is a stress epidemic in Whitehall, with anxiety related absences among civil servants rising by as much as 140 per
Workers under 30 are more likely to stay at home with a cold or flu than the over-55s, a survey has revealed. The poll of
Waiting in a call centre phone queue for more than five minutes and 58 seconds is bad for your health, new research has revealed
We all must face adversities in life: being human means facing illness, bereavement, heartbreak and hard times.
Modern western lifestyle encourages us to work hard and play hard. The ends justify the means in many professional environments, and we really go for it. Dynamic, aggressive city atmosphere is merciless to our wellbeing.